With Checkbox-Designs.com, there’s no money up front, no contract, no commitment. Invest a mere $10 for your domain name, and leave the rest of it up to us. That’s all there is to it.

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…just $49 per month*

Relax!  We’ll take care of it.

In the past, once your website was done, you were on your own. Or, you had to pay extra every time you wanted so much as a paragraph changed.

“But, I don’t know how to keep a website up to date!”

There’s no limit and no clock ticking every time you talk to us. Whenever you’re ready for fresh content, just call, and we’ll get right on it. With monthly, budgeted retaining, you can get your website updated when you need it.

The Old Model

The New Model

The Fine Print

You knew that there had to be some fine print, didn’t you? In this business, we had to have some, and most of it is in the “Extras - Add-Ons” page that can be accessed below. We do urge you to read our Terms & Conditions in full, also, as other restrictions might apply, and could determine whether a relationship with CheckBox-Designs will work for you.

There has been such a demand for affordable, budget-able website design services, that we came up with this $49/month plan. In order to do that, however, it meant that some of what might be considered ‘normal’ services had to be looked upon as add-ons. To do otherwise would have meant a much greater monthly cost, or less attention to our existing client base. Take a look at the “add-on” list, so that there are no surprises when your website is being built.

On the Add-Ons page, you will find the most common questions we get regarding the CheckBox-Designs website plan. If you have additional questions, or you would like to discuss the purpose and aim of your website in particular, we invite you to call us for a no-cost, no-obligation discussion about your website plans, and how we can possibly fulfill those plans, while keeping the cost of your website within budget.

Call us today: (909) 292-6119

Although our hosting and update service is month to month, with no long-term contract to sign, you might still wish to review our Terms of Service, as there may be stipulations that cover your rights and/or what we will be expecting from each other.

Click on the TOS medal to view our service terms.

Add-ons -

Click for a more detailed look at the fees for additional services at CheckBox-Designs.com

TermsOfService.pdf Addons

- For a site up to 10 pages in size. Other restrictions apply. See TERMS OF SERVICE.
- Initial $49 fee at project start - applicable toward your first month of service when your website is launched
- Non-Profits @ $39/month.